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If your soul longs for warmth                                          

If your days have turned gray and there is little love     

A dog will give you friendship and faith                         

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About the Black Terrier the way it is

The black terrier is a breed that comprises literally all the best! It is a dog that will undoubtedly win over your heart. Perfect allegiance and intelligence of this animal can leave nobody untouched. A beautiful, confident, joyful and loving creature that is ready to sacrifice its life for you! That is how I would characterize a Blackie, which is the affectionate name owners have given it.

This breed has achieved massive popularity worldwide due to combining unique qualities: a bodyguard and a companion dog, a family friend. The Blackie has extravagant appearance, it is a beauty with rich black hair and magnificent beard and mustache. Despite large size, and these dogs’ shoulder height varies from 68 to 80 cm, they are very elegant and plastic. The Russian athlete combines strength and might with grace and lightness.

The breed’s unique feature is that its specimens can live equally well both in an city apartment and at a homestead plot by a countryside house. Harsh conditions of a Siberian winter and sunny climate of the Canary islands are equally good for the Russian Black Terrier. “The Russian Pearl” has a distinct advantage over other long-hair breeds. Due to the hair structure defined by the standard, provided you take proper care of the hair (trimming and brushing), you will not notice any shedding.

The black terrier hair also does not have the characteristic canine smell even after bathing or raining.

Perfect disposition, a balanced nervous system and lively intelligence will provide true pleasure out of communicating with this animal. The hairy black giant will become your faithful friend and a reliable protector of your family. Any property guarded by the Black Terrier is safe. Remarkable strength and 42 sharp teeth will teach anyone a lesson not to encroach upon your property. However the Blackie is menacing only to its foes; otherwise it is a nice and wonderful dog that will keep great company during a walk in the park or while travelling or visiting with friends.

Without a doubt, like any large dog, the Blackie requires training, proper upbringing and hair care. The breed is well-trainable, the dog is a quick draw and takes pleasure in work. The Blackies show great results competing in various kinds of training runs on equal terms with the German Shepherds.

The breed has a strong guarding instinct and in a critical situation it will surface even in an untrained dog. One should not condone aggression in a young dog, otherwise after having grown up, the Blackie will attempt to demonstrate his strength. The Black Terrier takes a very long time to mature, both physically and psychically, and it is only at the age of 2 to 2.5 years that the dog can be considered fully formed.

The dog is unpretentious in food and living conditions and are very healthy. Among ailments most typical for the breed (even though it is not often that a Blackie falls sick) are: otitis (ear inflammation), eczema, sometimes dysplasia (an inheritable joint disease), in the latter day sometimes one can point out urinary stone disease. The most difficult thing in keeping a Black Terrier is hair, hair care to be precise. The dog needs to be brushed quite often (the frequency depends on the hair type, the harder the hair, the less demanding it is to take care of), on average once every two weeks. However if you do not grow out the dog’s hair up to 20 cm, it is enough to wash and brush the hair once a month. The black terrier, undoubtedly, requires trimming; if you choose the “summer option” (using a machine trimmer) you will have to repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times a year. To participate in an exhibition you will need need to give your dog an exhibition trim, preferably prior to each exhibition. Another difficulty with this breed is bringing up a pup up to the age of 1 year. The blackie, as each heavy and large breed, requires careful upbringing, special mineral supplements and training routines.

Now let us try to sum things up:


Pros of the breed:

  • strong and powerful, large
  •  very able-bodied and enduring
  • balanced
  • healthy
  • unpretentious
  • intelligent
  • easily controllable
  • gets along with other animals
  • suspicious of strangers
  • adapts to any climate conditions
  • does not shed and smell (with proper hair care)

Cons of the breed: 

  •  hair requires trimming and brushing
  • puppy up to one year of age requires careful upbringing


Use of the breed:

  • perfect sentinel and guard dog
  • companion dog
  • bodyguard dog
  • excellent breed for exhibitions and shows
  • family favorite


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